• An Initiative for
    World Evangelization
    Seeking better ways to make disciples of all nations
  • A Platform for Mission
    Bringing to light the research and idea that can change this world.

Our Mission

The Global Strategy Forum seeks to incubate and create strategic pathways where Christians around the globe can engage with, influence and infuse their culture with biblical values.

Our areas of involvement

The Global Strategy Forum is engaged in twelve defined areas (“mountains“) of involvement that form the basis for all cultures: Family, Government, Communications, Business, Arts and Theater, Sports, Technology, Health and Medicine, Religion, Education, and Military.

Our mega level approach

There are a number of strategic issues crossing cultural and national boundaries which are are too big for single churches, local organizations and national bodies. The Global Strategy Forum is able to deal with these issues, using data from and having access to relevant global institutions like UN, IMF, World Bank, WHO and others.

Our alignments

The Global Strategy Forum is a stand-alone think tank but is closely aligned to the World Evangelical Alliance, which represents over 600,000,000 Christians through 132 national alliances. The GSF advises the WEA Secretary General on strategic issues and works with many of the local, national and international organisations linked to the WEA.